The Daily Mail rail against history teaching , yet again.

This time its Remembrance Day. The Daily Mail chose to run a scurrilous article on Friday 6 November claiming that today’s schoolchildren ( 1in 20 that is) think that Hitler was the German football coach. Where does it get this rubbish from? Always keen to divulge its sources, the Daily Mail tells us that the evidence comes from a survey of 9 to 15 year olds conducted by the war veterans’ charity Erskine. What Erskine were worried about, of course, was that children didn’t know  enough about Remembrance day. Apparently they are going to team up with Their Past Your Future to developa school’s pack. Yes, another one. Apparently this will enable children to learn online. That magical word ‘online’ that solves all education’s problems. So now you know. Just wait for the pack-problem sorted. in the meantime we have to continue being on the receiving end of ill-informed invective every time an important anniversary approaches. Next year, wait for it , it’ll be battle of Britain. But I wonder how the Daily Mail will want it taught. See my In the News item on recent scholarship attempting to explode the ‘myth of the Few’.

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