Teaching the Mayan civilization for history at Key Stage 2. 6 great killer activities ready for trailling.

You’ll be pleased to know that the medium term plans for teaching the Maya at KS2 are well advanced and should be on the site early next month. I’ve been working on some cracking ‘killer’ activities which are not only creative but great fun too. One of the killer activities is to help the Guatemalan government! The heritage department have been forced to save money by closing off certain sites as they can only keep half of them open. Pupils are given images and details of each and have to generate and then apply their criteria for what makes that particular building /object so special that it must be preserved at all costs. Good thinking skills activity as well as a great way to learn about the society and what made it so distinctive/important. Other activities include Helping the hopeless museum curator, gallery,and zones of inference. Any subscribers who would be interested in a sneak preview, please contact me.

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