Teaching the Benin civilization for history at Key Stage 2

You’ll be pleased to know that the medium term plans for teaching Benin at KS2 are well advanced and should be on the site early next month. I’ve been working on some cracking ‘killer’ activities which are not only creative but great fun too. One of the killer activities is called curate dilemma. There is only space in new museum for just 3 of the 6 objects pupils have been studying in detail. But which are the ones most worth keeping. Pupils generate criteria by which they will judge their worth and in so doing not only look much more deeply at the objects’ appearance but also consider their typicality and true significance. Pupils also create their own living graph to show the changes in fortune of the Benin people from the height of their Empire through to the impact of the British Empire at its height. Naturally the topic finishes with a great debate as to whether the Benin bronzes in the British Museum really should be there. Lovely persuasive writing follows as Y5/6 pupils really do have strong opinions on this subject.

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