Teaching overviews in KS3 history

Teaching overviews at Key Stage 3

Post -1939
In Keith Robbins’ recent study of the last 75 years of world history, he identifies a number of key themes. How many of your pupils will leave KS3 knowing what these are? Have you designed an end-of keystage study to embrace these? For reference his book is called Transforming the World: Global Political History since World War II and is published by Palgrave Macmillan. You may have your own favourite themes, but the ones he includes are:
1. Decline of European overseas empires
2. Rise of the Superpowers and their attempts to mould the world in their image
3. The challenge to their dominance from China
4. The collapse of the Soviet Union
5. The survival of the US as a pre-eminent military force.

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