Something rotten in the land of OCR F966 A level?

It’s that time of year again when you wonder how on earth it can be that students across the land do far better on some A level history papers than others, often taught by the same teacher or the same experienced team. Yes, we can have the odd underperformance but when we hear of 3 students predited a B/C all ending up with Us on one paper, one can’t help wondering whether the problem is actually with the paper and the marker not the student or the teacher. So why are students unfortunate enough not take one paticular paper -in this case OCR F966= apparently being penalised. University places depend on it, so how can this be right? It may well be that statistically this turns out not to be the case, but 3 of the first 4 teachers to comment on the issue on the school history forum all expressed their bewilderment and are requesting a remark. Good luck.

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