So much fuss, so little change-the story of KS3 history

Gove saved most of his lambasting soundbites for KS3 history. We had Mr Men and Premier Inn surveys galore. But Gove was going to slay those dragons. Thanks to him history teaching at KS3 would never be allowed to sinks to these depths again. So what happened? Gove tried, and failed and limped off stage with his tail between his legs. So if history teaching is still not good enough for him whom will he now blame. The stubborn history teachers who opposed his hopeless ideas with all their powers of resistance of himself for not having nay moral courage. We can rejoice that he finally caved it, but I personally lament hours of my time spent spelling out the bleeding obvious. His plans were ill-conceived, insulting ignorant of current best practice and a thinly veiled attempt to make a name for himself as the party’s guardian of standards. Any credibility he had has surely now been lost. If only!!

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