Schama urges boycott of Gove’s history curriculum

Describing Gove’s proposals for a new history curriculum as ‘1066 and all that’ without the jokes Schama has rounded on Gove’s proposals with unstinting hostility, I particularly like what he had to say about teaching the new proposals for primary schools “None of you ( ie teachers at the Hay festival) should sign up to it until we trap Michael Gove in a classroom and tell him to get on with it. You want to say to him:’Let’s go into a class of nine-year olds and do the Kingdom of Mercia with them. I would love to see how you would do that”,
Schama went on to make scathing comments about the ‘Whoosh’ through history from 1600 onwards before urging teachers to reject the proposals using arguments that you don’t need to be a professor to articulate but are welcome nonetheless.
There are signs that Gove is listening and will probably make some begrudging changes with bad grace. I don’t care how reluctant the changes are i just want something that teachers can teach and learners want to learn.

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