Progression from GCSE to A level history

Do you know what the likelihood of getting an A grade in A level history if you started the course with a B in GCSE history? Well the National Pupil Database has recently been released which gives you the data you need. The answer is that just 6% do. The chances of them getting an A*, an A or a B rise to a one in three chance.
Interestingly, if we turn for a moment to AS results then history has the highest progression rate of all subjects for students who achieved a B or a C. For those who achieved an A* the progression rate was 53% compared to only 40% for geography.
In terms of progression from AS to A2 history scored highest of all subjects with a figure of 78%. I will be writing an article on this in the A level teaching section later next week. Make contact if you’d like the link to the data by the way.

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