New Crime and Punishment: post-1066 thematic unit for KS2 history

Originally we had planned to create a detailed post-1066 thematic unit on Crime and punishment. We trailed the idea earlier this year but there were very few requests to look at the draft planner. So we shelved our plans and worked on other topics. But for some, inexplicable reason , I have had eight new requests in the last week alone for the Crime and Punishment planner. So we have responded to this demand and are now working on this over the next week. If you have already requested  the draft planner and related materials then you don’t need to ask again: you are on the list.

Please note that the clearance of copyright from some of the more obscure images does take time so it will often be a month or two before it appears on the site. Having said this we do offer the facility of sending you material in draft form as an email attachment, which colleagues have found helpful

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