Latest News: Is the recent Must farm Bronze Age find in the Fens really another Pompeii?

The recent archaeological dig in the Fens has unearthed a series of wooden houses built on stilts and enclosed with an ornamental palisade in what has been described as the best-preserved Bronze Age site in Britain.

The discovery of a human skull, jewels and weapons has offered an unprecedented window on Bronze Age Britain, revealing the lifestyle of a wealthy family 3,000 years ago.
The dwellings built over water on stilts were damaged in a mysterious fire but dozens of ceramics and animal remains survived, potentially giving archaeologists the fullest picture yet of prehistoric life. The collapse of the buildings probably saved them as they became preserved in water for 3,00years
If you are to consider using this recent find in your teaching of the Bronze Age watch out for further finds that are sure to follow. Think also about using a detective approach:
Why were these dwellings set ablaze? It is almost impossible that the fire was accidental, because the wood would have been damp. A clay pot with food remains, with a spoon stuck in it — possibly suggesting an arson attack? A human skull has also been found? The plot thickens. If you go to the KS2 Outstanding lessons section over the next few week you will see how this new discovery has been incorporated in a new Stone Age to Iron Age lesson.

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