OFSTED judgements on outstanding lessons

Just thought you might like to know where we stand WITH OFSTED’s judgements using the new Framework, two terms on. The latest data tells us:

“that of 3,990 school inspections carried out from September to March 2010, the proportion of schools judged to be outstanding was 11%. This is a slight increase on the autumn term. Forty-two percent were judged good, 38% percent satisfactory with 5% given notice to improve and 4% judged as requiring special measures”.

This may indicate to you that only 1 in 9 lessons is outstanding. We need to be careful though when making comparative judgements. The latest figures MIGHT will be lower because of 3 POSSIBLE factors:

  • shorter notice
  • focus on ‘weaker’ schools
  • light coverage of successful schools

So, even though the criteria for outstanding look more challenging, don’t rush to assume that the data confirms this. I still think we should expect about 1 in 6 leesons to be oustanding, though. ONCE  A DAY!

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