Nick Gibb’s view of the new history curriculum for 2014

We all know where Nick Gibb, Minister of State, stands on the history curriculum. He is dead set on making sure pupils acquire as much knowledge as they can. Last week in his speech he asked us to monitor outcomes of a pilot study comparing schools taught more traditionally with those enjoying a more skills/concept-based approach. Intrigued, I clicked the link. Apart from a lot of coming soon items, there was one case study from a London Academy. Have a quick read of this exemplar of best practice
“At xxxxxxx, we’ve enhanced the implementation of the new history curriculum by designing detailed workbooks which include all the curriculum content in an accessible and interesting way. They contain comprehensions, maps, pictures and activities and are tailored to fit a new, more rigorous, assessment system. They are a flexible and pupil-friendly way of delivering the curriculum, and they free up teachers to focus on their pedagogy and on ensuring that every pupil has grasped the important knowledge and concepts in each comprehension”.

So there it is – the elusive solution to raising standards in history internationally- workbooks!

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