New structure for A and AS level history

So out with modules, which we already knew, and out with AS being used towards an A level qualification. How will this work in relation to universities taking account of AS results when making offers? Now that AS is to be a stand alone, what bearing will this have on student choice?
Gove went onto say that there is a need for more “high quality options” available at age 16, including all young people studying maths and English until they are 18. Iā€™m not sure what he had in mind, but given his love of Thomas Carlyle his view is probably that he wants students to come out of their education well-prepared for the late nineteenth century!
The new A-levels will be taught from September 2015, a year later than the original timetable of September 2014. At least Gove has had the good sense not to rush this through, though its final passage through the approving bodies may well be a rough ride.

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