New OFSTED criteria for outstanding teaching

I can’t be the only person who thinks that OFSTED must be pretty clueless if they need, yet again!, to modify the criteria and have another go at getting them right. The teachers they observe do not have that luxury! Of course, none of us are naive enough to assume that the latest criteria are anything other than politically driven. Here they are:
OFSTED criteria for inspections November 2013 on

Outstanding (1)
Much of the teaching in all key stages and most subjects is outstanding and never less than consistently good. As a result, almost all pupils currently on roll in the school, including disabled pupils, those who have special educational needs, those for whom the pupil premium provides support and the MOST ABLE, ARE MAKING RAPID AND SUSTAINED PROGRESS.

Teachers and other adults AUTHORITATIVELY IMPART KNOWLEDGE TO ENSURE PUPILS ARE ENGAGED IN LEARNING and generate high levels of commitment to learning across the school.

Teachers use well- judged and OFTEN IMAGINATIVE teaching strategies, including setting appropriate homework, that together with CLEARLY DIRECTED AND TIMELY SUPPORT AND INTERVENTION MATCH INDIVIDUAL NEEDS ACCURATELY.

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