New KS3 history enquiry into reasons for signing of act of Union 1707

One of the ‘harder to teach aspects of the KS3 curriculum often put teachers off from teaching it. We need help that goes beyond the textbooks. So we have devised a new enquiry : Bought and sold for English gold? What were the real reasons why the Act was signed? Starting with a stimulating PowerPoint presentation, pupils have to complete a  tricky sequencing activity to make sure that they have the narrative clear in their minds. When they know enough,they then have to generate 5 red-hot questions based on the narrative they have heard. What puzzles them? what needs further investigation? They are then let loose on a dossier of key information which provides clues in answers to their questions as well  as background information. To conclude they are shown four contrasting historical opinions about the most important reason  why the Act of Union was signed. Was Burns right?

The lesson concludes by bringing the story of the Union right up-to-date, post referendum, post May 2015 election and a glimpse into the future.

If  subscribers would like to preview any of the material prior to publication, please contact me.

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