New KS2 history planning on Anglo-Saxons for 2014

Just uploaded new KS2 planner for the Anglo-Saxons showing how, if taught together with the Vikings you can save time and make the of work much more coherent and meaningful to pupils. Not much on the Scots or the Heptarchy, sorry Gove, but loads of rigorous yet fun activities on struggle between Saxons and Vikings and comparison of Alfred and Athelstan. Above all, plan aims to bring a sense of proportion to this unit so pupils don’t lose sight of the wood for the trees. Yes the is one enquiry into the conversion to Christianity and pupils do learn when England became a distinct kingdom, but without learning all the kings and kingdoms that Gove may have had in mind. Supporting the planning are 3 brand-new outstanding lessons and suggestions as to how a home-study could be developed to enable pupils to explore the more social dimensions of the topic.

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