New KS2 history lessons on Maya now ready

Pleased that first of the 6 outstanding lessons/smart tasks on the Maya has now been uploaded for subscribers. Really exciting activities such as gallery and Dear producer in which pupils critique a short online video. all subsequent lessons now being copyright cleared.
lesson 2 features diamond 4 prediction and prioritising activity
lesson 3 sees pupils writing a tour guide through 10th century Maya city focusing on sounds and smells as well as sights
lesson 4/5 is really varied with prove it! followed by Zones of inference then Call my bluff and finally Curator’s dilemma.
The 5th key question asks pupils to use a spectrum to decide whether the Maya should be remembered as civilized or bloodthirsty
The last asks pupils to work in groups led by Dr. drought and Professor Poorsoil et al to solve the riddle of why the Maya collapsed
Really rigorous lessons laced with lashings of fun too!

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