New GCSE history specifications from DfE

Well, who would have thought it: a triumph of SHP style courses over traditional Modern World ones. The days of studying just the 20th century are numbered. To some of us this is shocking. Many felt that if any course was doomed it was SHP. After all it is not exactly what we associate with Gove. Where is the chronological perspective, the coherent narrative? Where is the rationale for choice of topic?Even at post-16 now with the new A level spec exam boards HAVE to produce a compelling rationale for what they offer?
Just how exam boards react will be very interesting. Will they continue to offer Medicine Through Time and Crime and Punishment for fear of losing custom or will they go back to the drawing board and innovate. Similarly with the depth studies. Can the American West really survive? What will boards serve up for the PBI who have suddenly found that a coherent Modern World course is now no longer deemed appropriate?

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