New GCSE history sample assessment material

As we await OFQUAL’s validation of the draft specifications, I thought I’d drill into the sample assessment materials to see whether a new style of exam questions was emerging. My first sample took me to SHP OCR B and the topic called Norman conequest 1065-1087. To my horror I found one of the two questions attracting the most marks was exclusively on Anglo-Saxon Britain. Given that only 1 or 2 years of the Norman England topic bridges the Saxon period I though this was a remarkably unfair question. Here it is:
In an article for the BBC History Magazine in 2012, the historian Ryan Lavelle argued that
late Anglo–Saxon England was ‘by no means a ‘golden age’’. How far do you agree with
this view?

Is it just me or does this seem a rather bizarre question to award 18 marks to? Fortunately it was an ‘either or option’ but for most students, I guess, this would have been Hobson’s choice.
I’m now going to look more systematically to see what other papers look like.

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