New A level history specifications: depth and breadth

Having fun working out the complexities of the new A level specs. Notwithstanding the sever restrictions placed on content choice with EDEXEL’s notion of ‘routes’ and prohibited combinations, I raise a wry smile at their distinction between depth an breadth. When does one man’s depth become another man’s overview? Here’s a quiz question then. Is the late 16C Dutch revolt depth or breadth? Is 17C Britain Britain: conflict, revolution and settlement, breadth or depth? Is Italian unification depth or overview? Is Anglo-Saxon England and the Anglo-Norman Kingdom, depth or breadth? Well I’m sure you guessed right but the distinctions aren’t that clear. We have breadth studies spanning just 53 years and depth studies covering 46!!
Back to see if I can find an more unerring logic in the first spec I have looked at.

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