New A level history from September 2015

Unlike with geography where there has been a one year stay of execution, there will be a brand new linear A Level History specification published this summer for first teaching September 2015, first exam Summer 2017.

You will all know the details but if you are new to 16+ or jut starting teaching you may benefit from knowing that:
• AS will be a stand-alone qualification and will no longer contribute to the overall A Level grade and there will be no January modular exams
• AS Levels will remain broadly at their current standard (between GCSE and A Level standard).
• You will be able to co-teach AS with the first year of A Level.
• A Level History qualifications will retain coursework but it must be a historical enquiry which is independently researched.
• The requirement to study a substantial and coherent element of British History stays at a minimum of 20%.
• The most significant change for most of you is probably the requirement that students study topics from a chronological range of at least 200 years. So welcome back the eighteenth century!

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