Mischievous ‘journalists’ misreporting history reformers stance

You may have caught wind of the Daily Express article a few days ago in which there were the usual sideswipes about ’empathy’ and political correctness. The inaccurate misrepresenting of the views of the Better History group brought this instant rebuke from its chairman Sean Lang:

The Better History Group has argued for history to be compulsory for all children to 16 and has never called for it to be removed from primary schools. Neither we nor the Historical Association have ever called for pupils to be assessed in historical empathy; we do call for the restoration of narrative, of a comprehensive coverage of British history, and for all pupils to be taught about the development of our constitution, including parliament and monarchs. Most importantly, although we are contributing to the National Curriculum review, it is not true that we have been asked by the Education Secretary to draw up the history curriculum proposals. If you had bothered to check with me you could have found that out for yourself.

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/226070/Return-to-traditional-history-is-in-danger-Return-to-traditional-history-is-in-danger-#ixzz1CtASBIyx

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