Living graph on Stalin’s reputation

Ever thought of asking your A2 students to create  a living graph of the reputation of Stalin? It would be a great way of dealing with interpretations. You know the sort of thing:

1953 Body embalmed

1956 Condemned by Khrushchev for carrying out ‘mass repressions’

1961 Stalin’s body interred in Kremlin

1965 20th anniversary of VE day Brezhnev proclaimed Stalin a war hero

late 1980s Glasnost years. Gorbachev and Yeltsin condemn him as dictator

2010 Stalin celebrated for his role in defeating Hitler, marking 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany on May 9th.

Putin has recently endorsed a textbook for teachers that described Stalin as an ‘efficient manager’, rather than a mass murderer of 21 million, and as someone who behaved rationally in making the Soviet Union into a superpower. Discuss!!

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