Lack of European history in final NC draft for KS3 history?

As Richard Evans has pointed out in a recent Guardian article ( 12.7.13) the new curriculum lacks a strong European dimension
Strikingly, the curriculum repeatedly refers to “British, local and world history”, but does not once mention “European history”. The Greeks and Romans and their influence put in an appearance, as do “Renaissance and Reformation in Europe”, “the rise of the dictators”, “Russian empires c1800-1989” and “the Holocaust”, but there’s no French revolution, no imperial Germany, no Russian revolution, no Habsburg empire; suggested topics include the civilisations of Islam, Baghdad, the Mayans, Benin, Mughal India, Qing China, 20th-century America, but not continental Europe except insofar as it has influenced the history of Britain.

He’s not quite right, of course, as there is a reference to Communist Russia and there are opportunities to go beyond the advisory list, but iut is worth bearing this European dimension in mind when we construct our own elegant curricula.

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