KS1 significant people ; new addition

As the new 2014 KS1 history curriculum requires that schools teach about significant people who are linked in some way, I thought it a god idea to create a new study. ‘Passing on the word’ is based around 2 key technological changes:printing and the telephone. Holding the theme together are tow significant people William Caxton and Alexander Graham Bell. The plans for the topic are well-advanced and there are a number of exciting activities that are not only fully resourced, they are also imaginative and fun. Preparing for a visit of King Edward IV and his wife, Caxton asks all his employees to rehearse each stage of the new printing operation as a mime. But first they have to work collaboratively to find out what the processes are. With only a gallery of 6 large colour pictures to help them, they have to work hard to spot the different operations and work out how best to mime them.

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