Y2’s magic carpet ride through time

A while ago OFSTED produced a few simple cameos of good practice at KS1. As so often these get lost or filed away somewhere. I’m simply bringing them to the forefront of your mind. The lesson went like this:
Year Twp pupils began the lesson on the magic history carpet where, with their eyes closed, they took a journey back through time. They then clasped their hands round an imaginary telescope to look at a part of a photograph which was shown on the interactive white board. Pupils were challenged to ‘guess’ what they could see. As more of the photograph was revealed, they qualified their guesses buy turning them into ‘facts’ or informed hypotheses. This was very effective because of the teacher’s questioning and soon lots of detail was collected about the photograph. Then, still in role, pupils returned to their tables where resource sheets prompted discussion of whether the photograph was of a ‘very old time’ a ‘time before I was born, but not too old’ and ‘now’. They had to present their findings to the class, including explaining ‘How do you know?’ and ‘What facts support your argument?’. All the pupils had to judge the best argument. This was a very effective introduction to the historian as a detective.




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