Teaching Toys at KS1- new lessons arriving soon

When the site was launched 10 years ago, our focus was on exemplifiying best practice in the harder-to-teach areas of the National Curriculum. At that stage schools had been teaching the topic of Toys quite successfully and few teachers were asking for new resources or approaches. Then we had the revised curriculum in 2013 which turned our efforts towards the less well-resourced KS2 topics and some more adventurous KS1 famous people. The time has now come to return to the topic of Toys and to add more examples of the best practice seen over the last decade and to include some new literacy work.  Included in the new lessons are examples of setting up a class museum, helping the muddled curator and carrying out a survey using simple ICT data capture.

The planner, lessons and all the resources you need will be launched in the new year but if you subscribe and want a preview of the detailed medium-term planner with its 6 enquiries we can email that  to you on request.


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