KS1 Man’s First Moon Landing

For those of you looking at this topic with your infant classes, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re nearly done with clearing copyright on the resources. Next to be uploaded will be the KQ2 smart task looking at the motivation of the astronauts. Using the diamond-4 prioritising activity followed by a teacher-in-role bit of hot-seating, pupils build a deep understanding of what motivated space travel in the 1960s which they can then compare to other explorers’ motivations e.g. Columbus. You’ll know that these comparisons over time are an important new addition to the KS1 history curriculum.

The other key feature of this set of smart tasks is the use of fiction, in this case Mark Haddon’s Sea of Tranquillity.

Subscribers can have copies of all materials in draft form , sent as eamil attachmants,priort to final publication

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