How important do people think school history is? Very..and thanks for making your history lessons so stimulating!

In a recent Yougov poll a large number of people across the political spectrum and age groups was asked to rank the importance of school subjects. Unsurprisingly the top places went to English , Mathematics Science, Computer science and sex education. History came next. Almost 10% more people thought that History was very important compared to Geography. The reason I mention this is simply to remind ourselves that History and how we teach it is a matter of considerable significance to the general public. I am proud to say that this website is now actively  used in well over a thousand schools  across the country with many others having used it in the past. Feedback has been fantastic. I have even had parents writing to me to thank us for the quality of the learning that the site has stimulated. We are humble enough to appreciate that the teaching only becomes great when you add your own personal touches. So, as the end of the school year approaches, we would like to thank all of you who have taken the trouble to adapt our materials to make sure that the learning for their pupils is as stimulating as they ca make it.

Have a great summer!

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