Final KS1 lesson on Scott of the Antarctic nearly ready

Those of you who have taken up the rewarding challege of teaching Scott of the Antarctic as a significant person at KS1 will be pleased to know that the final lesson in our 6-enquiry planner is almost ready. It features 3 great activities:

  1. Using a diamond-4 activity as a basis for prompting discussion, children choose the main reasons why Scott is so well-remembered today, prioritising and rejecting as they think through their ideas.
  2. They explore a range of ways in which Scott has been commemorated before creatively thinking of a fitting way of commemorating him in the 21st century
  3. Children are shown a monument to Scott, sculpted by his widow over 100 years ago. Unfortunately the words paying tribute to him have worn away over time. Using this Mantle of the Expert approach can the children produce 35 words of text that could be given to the stonemason to carve on the monument?
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