Challenging Y7 pupils’ misconceptions of medieval history-are you doing the right thing?

If you are teaching medieval history in Y7 you will definitely want to read Ian Dawson’s article on his website in which he sets out to challenge students’ assumptions about the Middle Ages and  suggests ways of improving our teaching of this topic. As always with Ian his advice is spot-on: practical, intelligent, lucid and without ever being patronising. The link below is to Ian’s wider research findings, followed by a superb quote from the latest research that  Ian often uses


This quotation comes from Dr David Crouch’s introduction to his book Medieval Britain c1000-1500(Cambridge 2017):

‘Reading these chapters will take you back amongst the medieval people of Great Britain, and, if you’ve not met them before, I think you’ll find that they were not at all what you might expect from the use of that adjective. … [they] had a high idea of the rights of the political community of their various realms and an ability to articulate it from which we still benefit. They despised and resisted political corruption; sought true justice; hoped the best for their own lives and for their children, whom they loved; met the horrors of pandemic and disease with a fortitude that humbles us, their descendants; and pursued their own prosperity with enterprise, doggedness and originality … For all our differences, medieval people were our ancestors in thought, aspirations and manners, as much as in our genes.’


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