Calling time on WALT and WILF

If ever there were two candidates for being given their final marching orders, surely WALT and WILF would be top of the roll call. Always unwelcome interlopers in the classroom, in my opinion, they have cast a long and dark shadow over the starts of so many lessons in the last decade. Not only do they waste so much time, with with thousands of children clonishly copying down words that often mean little, under the cryptic heading LOs, they also set the wrong tone. Pupils should be inspired at the starts of lessons not drilled in set routines that dull the edge of their curiosity. We all know that the reason for involving the pupils in the learning journey was to bring more structure and purpose to the rambling  lessons of unsatisfactory teachers. In this regard, it has probably worked: but at what price for the rest of us who obediently follow school policy and find our natural teaching instincts hobbled by policy.

I know many of you have known this for years, and in most schools this approach is on its way out anyway. I just want to hasten the process and chase these two miscreants out of class in the fastest form of pedagogical exclusion possible.

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