3 great new smart tasks on Tudor theatre

Uploading this week are three cracking new tasks on the Tudor theatre for use at KS2. Task 1 is called advising the film director . Using the Mantle of the Expert technique, pupils are given just five key clues to what a Tudor theatre looked like. they have to come up with 20 punchy points to give to a film director who is obsessive about historical accuracy. Pupils learn not only powers of selection, relevance and understanding significance, they also need to infer. And all this against the clock, working in teams. And yes, it works; and yes, its fun.

The second task is called prove it. Pupils are given a series of textbook statements and a gallery of visual evidence. they have to tour the gallery working out which evidence was used by the historian to make each statement.

Finally market place. Pupils are shown a colourful  artist’s reconstruction of the outside of the theatre which acts as a stimulus to pupils going in role as Tudor theatre goers from three levels of society. Pupils find out what they can from each so that they can write more tellingly about the different experiences.

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