How hard is GCSE history?

I have always fervently believed that GCSE history is harder for lower-attaining students than most other subjects. When I tackled QCA about they squirmed and fudged. I pointed out that the idea of subjects having negative residuals was appalling, especially as neither most students starting the course, nor their parents, were aware of this at the start of the course. I had always struggled to find the evidence. I have now discovered the research undertaken at Durham University . What emerges is what I always thought, but could never prove.

Grade F in Spanish, IT or history is almost the same as a D in textiles, PE or drama

At A* and A, English is harder than history BUT BUT BUT at F, it is 1.5 grades easier
Am I the only one who feels aggrieved? Why not do as they do in Australia and ‘scale’ all subjects.
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