How do I know my NC assessment in history will be accurate?

OFSTED will be looking for the following from September 2014:
In evaluating the accuracy of assessment, inspectors will usually consider how well:
 any baseline assessment, teacher assessment and testing are used to modify teaching so that pupils achieve the expected standards by the end of year or key stage
 assessment draws on a range of evidence of what pupils know, understand and can do in the different aspects of subjects in the curriculum, for example, through regular testing
 teachers make consistent judgements and share them with each other; for example, within a subject, across a year-group and between adjacent year-groups
 leaders ensure the accuracy of assessment through internal and external standardisation and moderation
 governors assure themselves of the rigour of the assessment process
 schools adopt the best practice of working together to moderate assessment for year groups and the end of key stages, and to develop common understanding of attainment and share records at points of transfer (within the context of the revised common transfer file

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