History and EBacc: the road not taken?

Disturbing stories are emerging of schools where the advent of EBacc has virtually wiped out GCSE history. In one of the most pernicious paradoxes among Gove’s muddled policy history is being seen as a harder alternative to Gg and therefore unlikely to improve the school’s standing in the new league tables. Solution simple: let them all study Geography.
Thinking headteachers have no truck with this of course, and are offering more measured and imaginative opportunities. In some schools those predicted to get an A* or C are offered the choice of either history of geography with the ability to pick up a second humanity in the option column.
In schools where all students are expected to study a humanity the unwelcome spectre of bulging class sizes is rearing its head. Hitherto taught in groups of about 24, lower-attaining students are now finding themselves in classes as large as 32 with a very wide spread of ability, without a tiered paper at the end of the 2 year course.
As with all news Gove gives regarding strengthening history’s place in the curriculum, be careful what you wish for.

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