Gove’s reforms setback even further-exam board seminars to continue

For all his huff and puff about putting an end to the ‘cheating’ that went on at exam board-led seminars, it now appears that they are to be allowed to continue. As Ofqual reported on their website today
In yet another climbdown, Gove has been forced to backtrack on his original decision to ban exam board-led seminars. According to the Ofqual website today
Teachers should be given enough information about new qualifications to be able to plan their teaching and to teach students well, but they should not be given confidential information about future exams. We are making sure that teachers can get the right information about qualifications, and that what happens in seminars is all above board.
So basically as we were. I’m sure to start with there will be close scrutiny of these events and then things will slide. Having failed to stop the unhealthy competition between exam boards, he has now failed to put an end to the possibility of ‘insider track ‘ information being passed on at these meetings. So what has Gove actually achieved after all his huff and puff and vain promises

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