Gove’s plans for primary and secondary history October 2010

Well, we’re beginning to see the colour of Gove’s plans for primary history and we know that he is committed to yet another MAJOR REVIEW in October-so, just weeks away now. The first casualty is likely to be primary French, which will almost certainly not be made compulsory from 2011, as was planned. Some of us could never quite see how such muddled thinkign was allowed in the first place. With French now no longer in the top ten GCSE subject entries, students are voting with their feet. What on earth could be the logic of teaching kids French from 7- 13( when very few will use the language)  and then letting them drop it at 14 just when they might start to use it.Nonsense

Regarding secondary history  we will see how he resolves the dilemma between humanities and history played out in many Academies and also whether he has the nerve to sort out the comparable rigour between ‘traditonal examination courses and BTEC. I think this debate could actually be interesting!

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