Gove delays start of new history GCSE; now 2016

I’m not sure what the collective term for a series of U-turns is but it might just be a Gove. he has buckled again under pressure, this time from Ofqual who have convinced him that he is , yet again, rushing his fences. So the start of the completely new GCSE for history is now 2016 not 2015. No doubt it will be hailed as a super-strength GCSE. I, for one, am just glad that exam boards have a little more time to prepare specifications thoroughly, for publishers to get decent texts into the market and for examiners to write better questions and markschemes. Let’s hope its worth the weight. At least we have another year with the strengthened courses making the indecently late revisions and short life-span slightly less galling..but only a little!!Grh.

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