Good riddance to history GCSE Controlled assessment

For years able students had the opportunity to excel at Coursework, going well beyond the narrow confines of tediously mechanistic markschemes. Their work was often stunning. For many it enabled them to compensate for the unpredictability of the exams. no more it seems. even in its swansong years Controlled assessment still bites the very students it was designed to help. What on earth do we make of this post on the schoolshistory forum?

“Our paper 1 and 2 results were good (AQA B ) and as expected – about 60% which is good for us as we are a challenging school. But the controlled assessments were moderated down – so students with A* on the exams got Cs on the controlled assessments”.

Of course we know that the CA assesses different competencies. But , honestly, how many of you would ever think that your brightest students would score three grades higher on the exam than the CA? Thank God it’s going. I, for one, will not be mourning its passing.

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