GCSE history results 2013 : exam board musical chairs

It’s that time of year. GCSE results are in and there is the usual crop of completely inexplicable grades. Why have CA marks been reduced by the moderator when they were not adjusted in previous years? Why does the match between predicted and awarded grades seem to have no pattern? thoughts turn to other boards. The various forums are full of teachers seeking advice from others who have jumped ship in previous years. Is the change even desirable when we have to start teaching a new specification in a couple of weeks’ time, to be followed by a new KS3 curriculum from September 2013 and a completely new GCSE from 2015. The plain truth is that we should not be faced with choices based on which exam is easier. Gove should have stuck to his principles-the few this broken reed seemed to have- and stopped this stupid game of musical chairs where we heave the seasonal migration from one board to another, often in different directions. When will this futile waste of time which does nothing to improve teaching and learning ever end?

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