GCSE and A level history disappearing in some parts of the country

The figures in a report published today, produced by Chris Skidmore, a Conservative MP on the Commons All-Party Group on History suggest that pupils in areas like Knowsley are 46 times less likely to gain A-level history than more affluent places like Cambridge, where 665 out of 6,038 candidates sat the exam, 557 of whom passed. In Knowsley,just 11 out of 2,000 pupils took A-levels in the subject, with only four passing their exams.

Chris Skidmore went on to say “These figures reveal that the study of history in schools beyond 14 is at an all-time low.

“Not only is an educational divide opening up between comprehensives and the independent and selective sector, there are now swathes of the country where history is becoming a forgotten subject.

“There has never been a more compelling moment to consider making history a compulsory subject to 16 in order to tackle this.”

And so say all of us.

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