Exam boards ‘almost corrupt?’

Having long been of the view that we should not have badged textbooks and examinres running training courses on how to pass the exams they set, I was amused to see the furore surrounding mick Walters latest statements in which he, too, thinks there is something rotten in the state of our examination system. He claims that exam boards are competing to amke their exams easier. Edexcel vehemently rejected the claim:

A spokesman for Edexcel, which is part of the Pearson publishing group, said: “Edexcel do not agree with Mick Waters. We have never said our exams are easier.

“We are confident that all our qualifications are rigorous, fair to learners and represent the highest possible standards. The support we provide in various ways all benefits the learner, to help improve learning.

“Competition between awarding bodies results in good service. A strong external regulator ensures that standards are maintained and no exams are harder or easier.”

I think Mick has stirred a debate which has been long overdue. If you can look at the article on the BBC site it makes interesting reading



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