End of GCSE modules for history. Shedding tears?

So, its now official. Gove recent promises to axe modular exams at AS had only one possible conclusion for GCSE. I predicted that it was a racing certainty: you knew it too. We may welcome the decision, but you can’t help but count the wasted effort and nervous energy entailed in bedding in this new system over the last two years. This must be one of the shortest-lived educational changes in recent history!

Gove is a man in a hurry, so this means no more modules for courses starting after September 2012. He offers  no compelling justification, other than the fact that the major economic competitors have terminal exams following a TWO-year course. Whether Gove really does conceive of the course as being 2 years, rather than three as it is in many schools is still open to doubt . Personally, I wouldn’t wish a 3 year GCSE on anyone, so in that sense it is good news.

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