EBacc boosts numbers in history

Figures just issued by the DfE attempt to show that the EBacc has already had a beneficial effect on numbers studying history for GCSE. In the summer of 2011 only 30% entered GCSE history, down from 31% in 2010. Numbers opting for history, and likely to be examined in summer 2013 have apparently risen to 39%- a 26% increase crows the DfE. It will be interesting to analyse that cohort in terms of the ability profile. I am also interested to know what future projections they have. Are they looking for parity with Geography? Will the DfE be happy if 60% study geography and only 40% history , or is it of no interest to them whatsoever? It won;t happen fortunately but I’m curious that the government thinks that history and geography are equivalent. Theoretically, therefore, as long as schools offer both it shouldn’t matter which the students choose.

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