Dumbing down A level history questions?

With A level results due on Thursday, i thought I might predict a chorus of accusations of dumbing down the questions. The BBC’s ‘Word of mouth’ radio programme tackled this issue last with with Edexcel’s history supremo Angela Leonard as expert witness. The first part was OK. We heard oft-repeated stories of single words in questions really tripping up students. One contributor spoke of the word salient another expediency , both of which pale into insignificance compared with the shocker i was faced with when considering whether Metternich’s foreign policy was antedeluvian! Anyway, after that the programme degenerated into a few fatuous points about changing the language of sources as well as questions. Angela gave a few rather feeble examples and then to our complete astonishment threw into the last line of the interview about A level history the fact that her examples were from GCSE history! What on earth listeners made of this heaven only knows. I was left feeling rather angry and let down.

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