Drawbacks with new AQA A level history specification

AQA recently posted this note on their website, prior to receiving accreditation

a requirement that one of the examined components (ie Component 1 or 2) must cover British history
a requirement that coursework questions will be set in the context of 100 years
the introduction of prohibited combinations, to prevent the narrowing of the student experience – for example this will mean that the Tudors cannot be combined with the European Reformation and Stuart Britain cannot be combined with Louis XIV and Europe
a new breadth study option, looking at the history of Britain 1783-1885 to replace the depth study on Britain 1800-1867
significant revisions have been made to the content of the post-Second World War America depth study, which will slightly broaden the period studied.

Mot of you will know this already but I have spoken to a few teachers who have been surprised and have already started to look at other boards. Edexel of course is blighted by the limiting routes it offers and OCR is still under the shadow of the awful drubbing it has received in the press over damagingly inconsistent and inaccurate marking. Will update when we know more about OCR’s offering.

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