Dates matter

It was interesting to read of Cameron’s blunder yesterday. Apparently, according to his reading of history in 1940 we were a junior partner to in the war to defeat Germany. Apparently, when you and I both thought that Britain was standing alone, Cameron claims that we were being helped by the USA, the senior partner. All this makes good knocking-copy, but there is a serious issue here. Who helped whom during the Second World War is a matter of considerable importance. How else can we place Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain being commemorated this year on the occasion of the 70th anniversary?  Surely amidst the welter of colourone supplements and TV specials, Cameron might just have picked up critical historical date to supplement the inadequacies of an Eton education. Of couse, we will be told it was slip of the tongue. When poor students make a mistake the whole history teaching profession and the curriculum is to blame!

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