Coursework in history to go in new GCSE from 2015

So the GCSE changes Gove’s foisted on us for September are merely a rehearsal for the bigger changes he has in mind. As if the recent changes aren’t irritating enough, we now learn that coursework will no longer feature in GCSE history from 2015. So,enjoy it while it lasts. If I got moist-eyed about the demise of the Controlled assessment it would be Crocodile tears. I won’t mourn its passing as it is a million miles away from what it should, and could have been. When I look back nostalgically at those brilliant, genuinely pioneering History Around Us fieldwork and Modern World study diaries that kids had to keep, day in day out, I can’t help but feel we have lost so much merely because Gove and other s are worried that ‘the Mums do it’ and the effect this might have on his precious league tables.

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