Cameron and Magna Carta

What price an Eton education? Not knowing what most state-educated Year 7 pupils could tell you in the blink of an eye,makes you wonder whether he was actually feigning ignorance- perhaps trying to be more pleb-like. Can he really even have failed to read Sellar and Teatmen’s clasic explanation of this constitutional document’s signficance- ‘the chief cause of democracy in England and thus a Good Thing for everyone ( except the Common people- read plebs!)
Cameron’s ignorance reminds us of my favourite comedian Ton Hancock’s famous line.” Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you- did she die in vain!”
Cameron’s gaffe appears to go deeper than just a shame-faced TV appearance. The Guardian’s Hugh Muir tells us that a couple of months ago Cameron quite literally turned his back on an opportunity to learn everything there was to know about Magna Carta at a special private exhibition prepared by the London metropolitan Archive. When he was about to be introduced to the document, with experts standing by to answer his questions, Cameron’s response was a dismissive: “I’ve seen that”, at which point he sloped off into the corner to play with his iPhone!

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